Australia Pictures - Page 1
By Mikey
Saturday, 24th July 2004 03:53

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We saw this strange cloud shape in the sky as we left Sydney airport.

A cloud star

Here it is closer.

A cloud star

These are blue penguins like the ones we watched in the dark in New Zealand.

Blue penguins

Our first koala.

A koala

No introduction needed here I think.

Sydney Opera House

This was taken on the way back from the zoo as the sun was starting to go down.

Sydney Opera House

The harbour bridge. We climbed under the road deck to the arches and then up the nearest arch to where the flags are.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This is art, apparently.

Late... art

The blue mountains. Despite the sun it was quite cold up there.

The blue mountains

The Zig-Zag railway train.

Zig-Zag railway train

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