Australia Pictures - Page 7
By Mikey
Friday, 20th August 2004 03:07

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Katherine gorge again.

Katherine gorge

Buley rockholes. We went swimming here.

Buley rockholes

Some lillies we saw during our cruise in Litchfield national park.


A fresh water crocodile (freshie) keeping its brain cool.

Fresh water crocodile

This is a lilly trotter (I've forgotten its real name).

Lilly trotter

Wangi falls, anothe rLitchfield swimming opportunity. The chances are that there might have been some freshies lurking around the edge of the water here.

Wangi falls

A cathedral termite mound with a couple of damn tourists in the way.

Termite mound

A green tree frog. You can't tell but it's really small and very shy.

Green tree frog

Some "magnetic" termite mounds. See, looks like a graveyard.

Termite mounds

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