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By Mikey
Wednesday, 22nd September 2004 11:43

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Claire on the beach in front of our hotel in Ko Phi Phi.

Claire on a Ko Phi Phi beach

Pretty much the same view but without Claire this time.

Ko Phi Phi and Ko Phi Phi Ley

One of the long tail boats, minus its engine, that chug about between islands.

Long tail boats

Ko Phi Phi Ley faded slightly by the hazy sky. The island was used for filming of The Beach.

Ko Phi Phi Ley

One of the narrow, dusty streets in Ko Phi Phi lined with shops and restaurants.

Ko Phi Phi street

A sign in a river boat in Bangkok.

Monks sign

Wat Arun (The Temple of the Dawn) as seen from the river in Bangkok.

Wat Arun

The head of a giant, reclining Buddha statue in Wat Po. The statue is made of concrete, plaster and metal but covered in 24-carat gold.

Giant Buddha head

It's 46m long and 15m tall. That's one big Buddha!

Giant reclining Buddha

Some of the pagodas around Wat Po that house the ashes of important people. Not shown in this photo are the pagaodas for some of the past kings of Thailand. They're a lot bigger.

Wat Po

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