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By Mikey
Tuesday, 31st August 2004 15:04

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You can't come to KL and not notice the Petronas towers. Currently they are the highest buildings in the world.

Petronas towers

Here they are again.

Petronas towers

This is the sky bridge on floor 41.

Petronas sky bridge

A fountain that we could see from the top.

A fountain

Due to mist and / or smog, the view was a bit limited but KL certainly has quite a skyline. Surrounding the Petronas towers are many, many skyscrapers.

A KL view

The rose gardens near Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands.

Rose garden

A rather big butterfly at the butterfly farm, also in the Cameron Highlands.

A butterfly

The "Boh" tea plantation, well, some of it anyway. They have 234 hectares here. This is just a few square metres but it was a rather nice shade of green.

Tea plantation

The tea garden at Bala's Chalets. We stayed in this mock tudor place while we were in the Cameron Highlands.

Tea garden

The base of the Petronas complex as it is lit up at night.

Petronas towers

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