Images Of Mexico
By Mikey
Saturday, 17th April 2004 23:32

The view from the top of the Hostel Moneda in Mexico City.

View from Hostel Moneda, Mexico City

The hammocks on the roof of Hostel Moneda.

Hammocks at Hostel Moneda, Mexico City

The Mexican national flag being lowered in Plaza de la Republica, Mexico City.

Lowering the Mexican flag, Mexico City

Claire standing next to a man with a big gun in Mexico City.

Claire and a man with a big gun, Mexico City

The Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihucan, near Mexico City.

Climb this in 40 degrees plus heat, it's fun!

A view from The Pyramid of the Moon of Teotihucan.

The climb down is just as fun!

A very small hostel room in Acapulco.

A small hostel room, Acapulco

Standing on the beach in Acapulco.

Nice view, Acapulco

How about a sunset picture? This in Acapulco.

An Acapulco sunset

Claire in the main square of Oaxaca.

Claire doing lunch, Oaxaca

A view over Monte Alban, Oaxaca.

Historic site of Monte Alban, Oaxaca

A double 't' shaped ball court in Monte Alban, Oaxaca.

A ball court in Monte Alban, Oaxaca

Our room in the Casa No Bolom hotel.

A fire in Mexico, what were we thinking?

The residential courtyard of Casa No Bolom.

A very peaceful place to eat breakfast

The museum / public courtyard of Casa No Bolom.

The museum is worth a quick look around

A quick stop at Agua Azul on the road to Palenque.

Splishy, splashy!

A view of some of the lost jungle city of Palenque.

Spectacular Palenque

Who says Indiana Jones should have the monopoly on scary rides?

A horse pulling our truck between cenotes

The second Cenote - reached by climbing down a hole!

The second cenote

The third Cenote on our rickety ride.

The third cenote