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By Mikey
Tuesday, 13th July 2004 04:16

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You can see it written in the eyes... "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

mine mine mine

It looks like a cruise liner doesn't it? It's actually Prince's Wharf in Auckland. Very compact and bejou.

Prince's Wharf, Auckland

The Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

The view from the beach in Waiwera, a town we passed through on our way into the Northland.

View from Waiwera

Some nice countryside. There's lots of this in New Zealand.

New Zealand countryside

This is a world famous public convenience apparently. Actually it's quite cool.

Kawakawa world famous toilets

Of course we went inside.

Kawakawa world famous toilets

The Bay of Islands is rather nice. Lots of sailing boats.

Bay of Islands

Whilst we were there, there was a nice rainbow.

A rainbow

This is ninety mile beach. It's called that because it's ninety miles long.

Ninety mile beach

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