Almost there...

House emptying, panic setting in.
By Claire
Sunday, 28th March 2004 16:50
Big bags

We only have 15 hours left in the country and we still haven't packed...
By Claire
Thursday, 1st April 2004 21:52
And we're off!

Start spreading the news, we're leaving today ...
By Mikey
Saturday, 3rd April 2004 15:27
Good morning.

Hi there. We've arrived safely and we're going to spend the day trying to find our way around.
By Claire
Saturday, 3rd April 2004 15:35

Breakfast? With our reputation? What we're they thinking?
By Mikey
Saturday, 3rd April 2004 15:39
Mexico City, Communists and the Museum.

We walked to the museum of anthropology, wandered round for the day and walked back - a lot of walking but very interesting.
By Claire
Saturday, 3rd April 2004 19:34
Sunday 4th April - Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Pyramids of Teotihucan

A day trip to the Aztec site of Teotihucan via a stop at the Basilica, a major pilgrimage destination, especially on Palm Sunday.
By Claire
Wednesday, 7th April 2004 19:34
Monday 5th April - Fifteen hours in Acapulco!

We tested out the very efficient metro system and got a bus to Acapulco. A tiny hostel room awaited us, along with bright lights, insistent street vendors and a beautifully warm sea.
By Claire
Wednesday, 7th April 2004 19:40
Tuesday 6th April. Back to Mexico City.

After a very short stay at the seaside, it was back toMexico City again. In a way, although it meant we lost a day, I was quite glad to go back because I'd forgotten to take pictures of the town square. Which I've now done.
By Claire
Wednesday, 7th April 2004 19:41
Wedesday 7th April - Oaxaca.

A slow day relaxing in the beautiful town of Oaxaca, wandering round the square, finding food, pretty courtyards and a very nice cathedral.
By Claire
Sunday, 11th April 2004 22:54