Hong Kong Pictures
By Mikey
Tuesday, 19th October 2004 06:17

The lights of Hong Kong island as seen from Kowloon on the night that we first arrived.

Shortly afterwards there was a short fireworks show.

The view of the Hong Kong skyline from the top of Victoria peak.

The same sort of view at night.

When we finally got past all of the Chinese tourists, we found out that this statue was unveiled during the ceremony that commemorated the handover of Hong Kong back to China.

A junk sailing in Victoria harbour.

Hong Kong's convention centre. It was infront of this building that the handover of Hong Kong took place in 1997. Inside there is alledgedly a seven storey glass curtain.

Looking down on a section of the 800m escalator.

In the morning it runs downwards for 4 hours and then from 10am to midnight it runs upwards.

A typical street on Hong Kong island. Shops and businesses are frequently found above street level.

A street near to our guesthouse on Hong Kong island. Night time can sometimes be as bright as day.