Australia Pictures - Page 2
By Mikey
Saturday, 24th July 2004 03:54

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One of the shots that I took in the Lucas cave.

Jenolan caves

And another one...

Jenolan caves

And one of the most spectacular formations we saw. This time in the Orient cave.

Jenolan caves

The radio-telescope near Parkes.

The Dish

It's pointing upwards because it was being worked on at the time.

The Dish

Canberra's war memorial.

War memorial

There's another wall just like this on the other side of the building. It's a bit humbling.


Australia's new parliament building is pretty cool.

Canberra parliament building

The house of representatives in the parliament building. It's like the house of commons but a different shade of green.

House of representatives

No visit to Sydney would be complete without a trip to Bondi beach.

Bondi beach

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