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Torres del Paine and other short stories
By Mikey
Sunday, 23rd May 2004 21:05

Ok, let me start with the dog. We saw him again the following evening after our visit to Torres del Paine. It was about 7pm and we were looking for somewhere to eat. Our little dog friend was trotting along at someone else's heels in his cute way, trying to see if they had anything he could eat. At first he passed us but I think he either decided to give up on his quarry or, more likely, he smelled us and remembered what soft touches we were the previous night. So, he started following us. Moments later we found a little café that we thought we'd try out and poor dog couldn't come in with us.

Approximately 90 minutes later, we emerged from the café with very full bellies (courtesy of some Upshon trademark over-ordering; something I have picked up too, I should add) to find our little friend sitting in the grass shivering slightly. He did look very pitiful but I'm suspecting that he's quite a good actor, for a dog. No acting was required though, he instantly knew that we'd thought about him and had something for him. We walked around the corner before giving him the left over steak and bread that we had smuggled out of the café and there was no hesitation today. Like a hairy, four legged vacuum cleaner, he sucked in the food in microseconds.

Anyway, enough of our doggy friend. Earlier that day, we had visited the Torres del Paine National Park. This involved a speedy and bumpy minibus ride and a lot of window demisting. Most of the day was cloudy and we couldn't see for more than a hundred metres or so but it was a fun day and occasionally we did manage to see some great views and take some pictures.

Two things that struck me as funny about the trip were the people and the first stop we made. The driver spoke very little English (although he tried very hard and I guess nobody had told him who his charges for the day were). We just smiled, tried to understand him and enjoyed the scenery. The Dutch girl behind us wasn't so impressed and seemed to spend much of the day sulking in a corner of the bus.

The second amusing thing was that our first stop of the day was the Cueva del Miladon. This is a big, glacier formed cave with a large plastic sloth inside it. Actually it's better than I've made it sound. The amusing part though is that Claire and I went there under our own steam the day before, not realising that it would be on the Torres del Paine tour. However, I was glad that we had seen it the day before as we got to see it on our own and it was lighter the previous day than it was very early in the morning.

So, that's about it for Torres del Paine. We'll be able to see some of the mountains on the next two trips we do.

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