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Thursday 27th May - Santiago
By Claire
Saturday, 29th May 2004 04:09

Having been unlucky in our search for English books yesterday, we went to the places recommended in the guide book. The first two, close to the town centre were no help, so, after checking cinema times and buying doughnuts, we took the metro further out of town than ever before to track down another shop.

Here, we successfully exchanged four books that we'd read for four that we hadn't (plus quite a lot of extra money, but it was still cheaper than buying new books) and we walked all the way back to the town. It was only two or three miles, but we stopped every now and then to try to convince someone somewhere that they did have lead-lined bags.We finally found a shop where one of the assistants out in the back spoke a little English, and he came along to try and explain what I was babbling about. He finally understood, but said he didn't have one. When I asked him what the Spanish for such a thing was he looked blankly and said that he didn't know. It's strange, but there seems to be some sort of conspiracy going on. Everyone eventually understands me, but no-one knows what I'm talking about. Just like real life, I guess. I've decided to give up until I can ask in English, and just get my films developed quickly instead.

We went back to the cinema, bought more doughnuts and tickets to see 'The Day After Tomorrow' (I still can't say the Spanish word for 'after' so I mimed. She understood.) and then stood in a queue for about half an hour. The tickets only cost £2.30, and the most expensive food item was a giant pot of popcorn for £1.50. It's strange, mot things in Chile are about the same price as we'd expect in England, especially supermarket items, but some things, like cakes and drinks are ridiculously cheap. Anyway, the film was pants, a few moments of pretty CGI but not really worth a whole two hours. And four year olds shouldn't be taken to films if they can't sit still for the whole time.

After the film we went back and cooked again, and I lost at cards again. But, in desparation, I made Mikey play snap with me, which I won because I think he was scared.

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