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More Singapore
By Mikey
Wednesday, 25th August 2004 13:53

Staying for longer at Raffles would have been good but it would have completely broken our budget. We've already decided that we'll be back to Singapore one day and we'll certainly be staying in Raffles then.

Having dropped our bags back at the hostel, we headed towards the train station to get some tickets organised for Kuala Lumpur (or LK as it's known). It was on our way there that rain first arrived. We got to the exit of the MRT station only to find sheets of water falling from the sky. Ten minutes later though it had all but stopped and about 20 minutes after that, the ground was almost dry.

With our departure from Singapore organised, we did some walking. Via a very circuitous route we ended up back at our hostel and had a break before heading out for the Night Safari.

Just next door to Singapore Zoo, the Night Safari does pretty much what it says it does and opens at night. Once there you can see animals that would not normally do much during the day actually moving around and doing what they would normally do in the wild. It's still a zoo of sorts but the lighting was quite good. We opted to walk around the park, despite having purchased tickets for the tram. There were quite a lot of people there and some of them were a bit annoying. They kept clicking and cooing at the animals imagining that they were different and interesting enough in the eyes of the animals to attract their attention. Tourists!

Part way round, our choice to walk and not see the Animal Extravaganza show paid off as the heavens opened for the second time that day meaning that the show would have been cancelled anyway. Fortunately for us, we had umbrellas and we could keep walking. Many other people we cowering under shelters and as soon as the rain let up and eventually stopped, the park seemed to empty a lot. We finished the walk having seen lots and lots of great animals. Back at the entrance, one of the nice helpful park attendants persuaded us to do the tram ride and I have to say that I'm glad he did. There was a great cooling breeze and we saw the park from a different perspective too as well as seeing loads more animals that you can't see by walking. After the tram ride though, we had to dash in order to get the last train back. The whole visit was well worth it though.

Rain blighted our final day in Singapore too. There was a huge thunder storm in the morning that lasted until lunchtime. After that we went back to Chinatown to visit the Sri Mariamann temple, being better attired this time. It was a pretty nice place but I imagine that it would have more atmosphere if it were full of people.

Our plan then was see a couple of other sights that we wanted to take photos of but the weather had other plans. The sky was very, very dark when we emerged from the MRT again and within seconds it was raining. You could almost say that bad light stopped play. We decided that we were unlikely to get any clear weather for a couple of hours by which time it would be dark. So we headed back to Little India and towards a food centre for some supper. Somehow we managed to find a route that meant that we only had to run through 50m of rain. We filled up on a couple of nice dishes of food, some fruit and some beer.

And that's Singapore. We'll be back though.

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